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15 Books like Dog Man

Books like Dog Man

Dog Man, the popular graphic novel series by Dav Pilkey, has captured the hearts of readers young and old with its hilarious antics, endearing characters, and engaging storytelling. 

With its unique blend of humor and adventure, Dog Man has become a staple on bookshelves and in classrooms around the world. 

But what should fans read next once they’ve devoured all the Dog Man books? 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some amazing fantastic alternatives that are sure to satisfy fans craving more of the same whimsical charm and laugh-out-loud fun found in the world of Dog Man. 

Let’s go. 

Books like Dog Man

1. Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

Captain Underpants” is a series of children’s novels written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey, the same author behind the “Dog Man” series. 

The books follow the adventures of two prankster kids, George Beard and Harold Hutchins, who hypnotize their mean principal, Mr. Krupp, turning him into the incredibly dumb and supremely enthusiastic superhero, Captain Underpants. The series is filled with humor, comic book-style illustrations, and stories that playfully engage with themes of friendship, creativity, and standing up to bullies. 

The books are particularly famous for their unique blend of text and graphic novel elements, making them accessible and entertaining for young readers.

Major Similarities: 

Both “Dog Man” and “Captain Underpants” series are created by Dav Pilkey and share a similar sense of humor and storytelling style that appeals to children. 

They both feature comic book-style illustrations combined with text to tell the story, making them accessible to emerging readers. 

The themes of friendship, humor, and the battle between good and evil are central to both series, making “Captain Underpants” a natural next step for fans of “Dog Man.”

2. The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey

“The Bad Guys” series, written and illustrated by Aaron Blabey, is about a group of traditionally scary characters – a wolf, a shark, a snake, and a piranha – who decide they want to be heroes, not villains. 

Despite their fearsome appearances, they go on missions to save the day and prove that they are, in fact, the good guys. 

The books are filled with humor, action, and the kind of misadventures that keep young readers laughing and engaged from start to finish.

Major Similarities: 

Like “Dog Man,” “The Bad Guys” series is presented in a graphic novel format, appealing to the same age group with its mix of humor, adventure, and visually engaging illustrations. 

Both series challenge the traditional notions of heroes and villains, encouraging readers to look beyond appearances. 

The emphasis on friendship and teamwork in both series also makes “The Bad Guys” a great choice for “Dog Man” enthusiasts.

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is a series of books by Jeff Kinney that chronicles the life and adventures of Greg Heffley, a clever but often misunderstood middle schooler, through his diary entries. Greg navigates the challenges of school, family, and friendships with a mix of humor and self-deprecating insight. 

The books are notable for their relatable storytelling, hand-written text, and simple, expressive illustrations that complement the narrative.

Major Similarities: 

While not a graphic novel in the traditional sense, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” shares the visual appeal of “Dog Man” through its integration of text and illustrations. Both series are grounded in the experiences of their protagonists, who navigate the challenges of their worlds with humor and resilience. 

The accessible format and engaging storytelling make “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” another appealing option for fans of “Dog Man.”

4. HiLo by Judd Winick

“HiLo” is a graphic novel series written and illustrated by Judd Winick that tells the story of a boy named HiLo who crashes to Earth from another dimension. 

Along with his friends D.J. and Gina, HiLo discovers the truth about his past and battles evil forces that threaten the world. The series is known for its blend of humor, heart, and action-packed adventures, presented through vibrant and dynamic illustrations.

Major Similarities: 

“HiLo” shares with “Dog Man” the graphic novel format, appealing to young readers through a combination of engaging narratives and striking visuals. 

Both series feature heroic characters with unique backgrounds embarking on adventures to save the world. 

The themes of friendship, courage, and the battle between good and evil are prevalent in both, making “HiLo” a compelling choice for “Dog Man” fans.

5. The Adventures of Ook and Gluk by Dav Pilkey

“The Adventures of Ook and Gluk” is another series by Dav Pilkey, blending humor, adventure, and the unique illustration style that fans of “Dog Man” and “Captain Underpants” have come to love. 

The story follows Ook and Gluk, two caveboys from the prehistoric town of Caveland, Ohio, who travel through time, battling evil forces and learning kung fu along the way. The narrative is filled with Pilkey’s signature blend of silly humor, action, and heart.

Major Similarities: 

As a work of Dav Pilkey, “The Adventures of Ook and Gluk” shares the author’s distinctive humorous style, inventive storytelling, and engaging illustrations. 

The graphic novel format, complete with Pilkey’s playful approach to text and visuals, makes it a natural companion to “Dog Man.” 

Themes of friendship, adventure, and the fight against villainy are central to both series, ensuring that fans of “Dog Man” will find much to enjoy in “The Adventures of Ook and Gluk.”

6. Fly Guy Presents by Tedd Arnold

“Fly Guy Presents” is a series of children’s books written and illustrated by Tedd Arnold. These books follow Fly Guy and his human friend, Buzz, as they embark on educational adventures, exploring subjects like space, sharks, firefighters, and dinosaurs. 

The series is known for its engaging mix of facts and humor, presented through a combination of text and illustrations that make learning fun for young readers. 

The books are a spin-off from the popular “Fly Guy” series, adding an educational twist to the original formula.

Major Similarities: 

Like “Dog Man,” “Fly Guy Presents” engages young readers with a blend of humor, adventure, and visually appealing illustrations. Both series feature charismatic lead characters who embark on various adventures, making them appealing to children. 

The educational aspect of “Fly Guy Presents,” combined with its entertaining storytelling style, makes it a great choice for “Dog Man” fans looking for fun learning experiences.

7. Stick Dog by Tom Watson

“Stick Dog” is a series of children’s books written by Tom Watson. The series chronicles the adventures of Stick Dog and his group of friends as they embark on quests, usually involving their quest for delicious food. 

The stories are told through simple, stick-figure illustrations and text, making them accessible and entertaining for young readers.

The humor and adventures in “Stick Dog” are reminiscent of the quests and camaraderie found in “Dog Man.”

Major Similarities: 

“Stick Dog” shares with “Dog Man” a focus on canine protagonists and their humorous escapades, making it particularly appealing to fans of Dav Pilkey’s work. 

Both series are presented in a unique, accessible format that combines illustrations with text, catering to readers transitioning from picture books to chapter books. 

The themes of friendship and adventure are central to both series, providing a similar reading experience.

8. Inspector Flytrap by Tom Angleberger

“Inspector Flytrap” is a series for young readers written by Tom Angleberger, illustrated by Cece Bell. It follows the story of Inspector Flytrap, a Venus flytrap detective, as he solves mysteries with the help of his assistant Nina the Goat. 

The series is notable for its unique characters, humorous plots, and the integration of text and illustrations to engage early readers. 

The stories combine mystery, humor, and adventure, making them an excellent choice for young readers who enjoy engaging stories with a bit of quirkiness.

Major Similarities: 

“Inspector Flytrap” shares the graphic novel format with “Dog Man,” appealing to the same demographic with its combination of engaging storytelling and visual illustrations. 

Both series feature unique and unlikely heroes embarking on adventures and solving problems. 

The humor and creativity found in “Inspector Flytrap” mirror the enjoyable and accessible nature of “Dog Man,” making it a great pick for fans looking for similar reading material.

9. Frankie Pickle by Eric Wight

“Frankie Pickle” is a series by Eric Wight that blends traditional text with graphic novel elements to tell the story of Frankie, a young boy with a vivid imagination. 

Each book sees Frankie facing everyday challenges and adventures, which he navigates using his imagination, often blurring the line between reality and fantasy

The series is praised for its creativity, humor, and the way it encourages readers to use their imagination.

Major Similarities: 

Like “Dog Man,” “Frankie Pickle” combines graphic novel elements with traditional text, creating an engaging and accessible reading experience for young readers. 

Both series appeal to children with their mix of humor, adventure, and visually engaging storytelling. 

The emphasis on the power of imagination in “Frankie Pickle” resonates with the creative and adventurous spirit of “Dog Man,” making it an appealing choice for fans.

10. Narwhal and Jelly by Ben Clanton

“Narwhal and Jelly” is a graphic novel series written and illustrated by Ben Clanton. It features the unlikely friendship between Narwhal, an enthusiastic and imaginative narwhal, and Jelly, a no-nonsense jellyfish. 

The series is known for its simple, charming illustrations and stories that blend humor, facts about marine life, and themes of friendship. The books are accessible to young readers and are filled with positive messages and fun facts.

Major Similarities: 

“Narwhal and Jelly” shares the graphic novel format and emphasis on friendship seen in “Dog Man.” 

Both series are characterized by their humor, simple yet expressive illustrations, and ability to convey positive messages in a fun and engaging way. 

The series appeals to young readers who enjoy stories about friendship and adventure, making it a great choice for fans of “Dog Man” looking for similar themes in a different setting.

11. The Treehouse Series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

The “Treehouse Series” by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton is a collection of engaging children’s books that revolve around the ever-expanding treehouse of Andy and Terry, featuring 13 new levels with each book, starting from “The 13-Story Treehouse.” 

The series is filled with wild adventures, zany inventions, and outlandish predicaments, all illustrated with lively and humorous drawings. 

The stories are known for their creativity, imagination, and the seamless blend of text and illustrations that make reading both fun and visually appealing.

Major Similarities: 

While not a traditional graphic novel series, “The Treehouse Series” shares with “Dog Man” an imaginative and humorous storytelling approach that captivates young readers. 

Both series are richly illustrated, providing a visual storytelling experience that complements the text. The emphasis on friendship, adventure, and creativity is a common thread, making “The Treehouse Series” an excellent choice for “Dog Man” fans who love stories that spark the imagination.

12. Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol by Andres Miedoso

“Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol” is a series written by Andres Miedoso and illustrated by Victor Rivas. It follows the adventures of Desmond Cole, a kid who loves nothing more than to patrol his town for ghosts, and his best friend, Andres, who would rather do anything but. 

The series combines elements of mystery, adventure, and humor, making it perfect for young readers who enjoy spooky stories with a light-hearted twist. 

The books are easy to read and filled with illustrations that add to the fun and suspense of each ghostly adventure.

Major Similarities: 

Like “Dog Man,” “Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol” offers a blend of engaging text and illustrations that appeal to young readers. Both series share a sense of adventure and humor, albeit with “Desmond Cole” focusing more on supernatural elements. 

The themes of friendship and overcoming fears are prevalent in both series, providing a mix of excitement and positive messages that resonate with fans of “Dog Man.”

13. InvestiGators by John Patrick Green

“InvestiGators” is a graphic novel series written and illustrated by John Patrick Green. 

It features the adventures of Mango and Brash, alligator secret agents who work for the super-spy organization S.U.I.T. and use their gadgets, disguises, and quick wits to solve mysteries and save the day. 

The series is packed with puns, humor, and action, making it irresistible to young readers who enjoy lively illustrations and fast-paced storytelling.

Major Similarities:

“InvestiGators” shares the graphic novel format with “Dog Man,” along with a high-energy mix of humor, adventure, and mystery. Both series feature animal protagonists in heroic roles, engaging readers with their daring escapades. 

The combination of visual storytelling, wordplay, and accessible humor makes “InvestiGators” a compelling choice for “Dog Man” enthusiasts.

14. Squish by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

“Squish” is a graphic novel series created by the sibling team Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm. 

It follows the life of Squish, a small amoeba who navigates the challenges of school, friends, and family in the microscopic world. 

The series is known for its unique blend of science, humor, and everyday adventures, presented through engaging and colorful illustrations. 

“Squish” teaches valuable lessons about friendship, courage, and being true to oneself, all while entertaining readers with its quirky characters and situations.

Major Similarities:

“Squish” shares with “Dog Man” the graphic novel format that appeals to young readers through a combination of engaging stories and vivid illustrations. 

Both series explore themes of friendship and adventure, with a healthy dose of humor that keeps readers entertained. 

The educational aspect of “Squish,” coupled with its entertaining narrative, makes it another great pick for “Dog Man” fans.

15. The Lunch Lady Series by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

“The Lunch Lady Series” by Jarrett J. Krosoczka is a graphic novel series that follows the adventures of a lunch lady who is not just a school cafeteria worker but also a secret crime fighter. 

With the help of her sidekick, Betty, and a slew of kitchen gadgetry turned spy gear, Lunch Lady thwarts school-related crimes and faces off against various villains, all while serving up lunch. 

The series combines action, humor, and mystery, making it a hit with young readers who enjoy fast-paced stories and superhero themes.

Major Similarities: 

Like “Dog Man,” “The Lunch Lady Series” is presented in a graphic novel format, appealing to children with its mix of humor, adventure, and visually engaging illustrations. 

Both series feature unconventional heroes who fight for justice, drawing readers into a world where the line between ordinary and extraordinary is delightfully blurred. 

The emphasis on humor, combined with a unique premise, makes “The Lunch Lady Series” a fantastic option for readers looking for stories similar to “Dog Man.”

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