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A passionate bibliophile who aims to simplify the process of reading. Here to provide you with some amazing suggestions regarding the best books out there.

A self-learned blogger, I started FastrBooks.com with the primary purpose of “SIMPLIFYING” the art of reading.

Here, you will find endless books to dive into, curated by me and my team. Discover thrilling mysteries, captivating romances, and curated lists tailored to your reading preferences.

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Whether you’re seeking the gripping suspense of “Verity” or the enchanting tales like “Where The Crawdads Sing”, FastrBooks is your literary oasis. I handpick each title, ensuring only the best make it to your reading list. Explore our diverse collection and embark on countless adventures between the pages.

Kelley Cortes
Kelley Cortes

Bibliophile & Book Blogger

All I want in life is to be surrounded with books and more books. My ideal date would be at a library, followed by a long walk home where we discuss our favorite stories.

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Growing up in a household filled with books of all genres, my love affair with literature began at an early age. From losing myself in the mystical worlds of fantasy to unraveling the complexities of human nature in literary classics, every story shaped my understanding of the world.

This lifelong passion led me to create FastrBooks, a digital haven where readers can explore diverse narratives and embark on unforgettable literary journeys. As an avid reader and curator, I pour my heart into selecting each title, aiming to ignite the same sense of wonder and discovery that books have brought into my life.

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I love books as much as a hungry man loves a feast, as much as a traveler cherishes a map leading to distant lands and as much as a lost sailor treasures the sight of a guiding star amidst a darkened sea.

Kelley Cortes
Kelley Cortes
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Kelley Cortes