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10 Books Like The Perfect Marriage

Books Like The Perfect Marriage

Have you finished “The Perfect Marriage” and are still reeling from its shocking twists and turns? 

You’re not alone. 

This captivating novel left us questioning appearances, doubting our assumptions, and yearning for more stories that explore the dark corners lurking beneath seemingly perfect marriages. 

Here are some similar books that you need to check out in case you like this novel.

Books Like The Perfect Marriage

1. “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient” is a gripping psychological thriller that follows the story of Alicia Berenson, a famous painter who suddenly shoots her husband five times in the face and then never speaks another word. 

The narrative weaves between Alicia’s diary entries before the murder and the perspective of Theo Faber, a criminal psychotherapist obsessed with uncovering why Alicia became mute. The plot thickens with suspense as Theo delves deeper into Alicia’s life, uncovering shocking secrets.

Major Similarities: 

Like “The Perfect Marriage,” “The Silent Patient” explores themes of secrets, lies, and the complexities of relationships. Both novels feature a central mystery that drives the narrative forward, engaging the reader in a psychological puzzle. 

The focus on a marriage with dark undercurrents and the psychological depth of the characters make “The Silent Patient” a compelling read for fans of “The Perfect Marriage.”

2. “My Lovely Wife” by Samantha Downing

In “My Lovely Wife,” readers are introduced to a seemingly normal suburban couple who share an unusual hobby: getting away with murder. The story is told from the husband’s perspective, revealing the chilling dynamics of their marriage and their escalating taste for violence. 

The novel is a darkly comedic, suspenseful exploration of what happens when the line between ordinary and monstrous is blurred, leading to unforeseen consequences.

Major Similarities: 

Both “My Lovely Wife” and “The Perfect Marriage” delve into the dark side of marriage, where the facade of a perfect relationship hides sinister secrets. 

The twisty plot and the element of crime within the marriage set the stage for a thrilling narrative. Readers who enjoy unraveling the complexities of a twisted marriage filled with secrets will find “My Lovely Wife” to be an engaging counterpart.

3. “Behind Closed Doors” by B.A. Paris

“Behind Closed Doors” tells the story of Grace and Jack Angel, who appear to be the perfect couple. However, the reality of their marriage is a dark, psychological nightmare. 

The novel alternates between the past and present, slowly unveiling the harrowing truths behind the couple’s seemingly idyllic life. It’s a tense, claustrophobic narrative that explores the themes of control, manipulation, and survival.

Major Similarities: 

Similar to “The Perfect Marriage,” “Behind Closed Doors” focuses on the dichotomy between public perception and private reality within a marriage. Both novels feature a gripping narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats as the truth behind the couple’s relationship is gradually revealed. 

The psychological depth and the exploration of manipulative relationships make it a must-read for fans looking for similar themes.

4. “The Wife Between Us” by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

“The Wife Between Us” is a complex, multi-layered narrative that expertly plays with the reader’s assumptions about a love triangle involving an ex-wife, her replacement, and a charismatic husband. 

What seems like a straightforward story about jealousy and obsession turns into a deeply intricate tale with unexpected twists. The novel dissects the complexities of relationships, manipulation, and the misconceptions that can arise from viewing a situation from only one perspective.

Major Similarities: 

Both novels excel in presenting a story that keeps readers guessing until the very end. “The Wife Between Us” and “The Perfect Marriage” share a penchant for twisting perceptions and challenging expectations about relationships and fidelity. 

The exploration of the psychological intricacies of love and betrayal in both books will appeal to readers who enjoy a narrative that keeps them on their toes.

5. “The Last Mrs. Parrish” by Liv Constantine

“The Last Mrs. Parrish” follows Amber Patterson, a woman who covets the life of Daphne Parrish, a seemingly perfect socialite with a wealthy husband. 

Amber’s envy drives her to insinuate herself into the Parrishes’ lives, but as she gets closer to achieving her goal, secrets begin to unravel, revealing that the perfect life she envies is not what it seems. The story is a seductive, twisty tale of deception, manipulation, and revenge.

Major Similarities: 

Like “The Perfect Marriage,” “The Last Mrs. Parrish” delves into the themes of envy, deception, and the pursuit of a seemingly perfect life. Both novels showcase how appearances can be deceiving and the lengths to which people will go to uncover or hide the truth. 

The emphasis on manipulation and the unexpected twists make “The Last Mrs. Parrish” a compelling read for fans of psychological thrillers centered around marriage and secrets.

6. “An Anonymous Girl” by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

“An Anonymous Girl” explores the story of Jessica Farris, who signs up for a psychology study conducted by the mysterious Dr. Shields, only to find herself caught in a complex web of deceit. 

The study, which begins as a simple questionnaire, quickly escalates into a manipulative relationship that blurs the lines between doctor and subject, right and wrong. Jessica’s paranoia grows as Dr. Shields’s experiments become more invasive, revealing dark secrets that threaten to unravel her life.

Major Similarities: 

Like “The Perfect Marriage,” “An Anonymous Girl” delves deep into psychological manipulation and the consequences of secrets. Both novels are characterized by their intense psychological depth, complex characters, and the exploration of ethical boundaries. 

Readers who enjoy a narrative that combines suspense with psychological exploration will find “An Anonymous Girl” to be a gripping follow-up.

7. “The Couple Next Door” by Shari Lapena

“The Couple Next Door” features Anne and Marco Conti, who seem to have it all: a loving relationship, a wonderful home, and a beautiful baby. But one night, when they leave their baby alone while attending a dinner party next door, a terrible crime is committed that exposes cracks in their seemingly perfect life. 

As the police investigation unfolds, secrets and lies surface, showing that nothing is as it seems.

Major Similarities: 

Similar to “The Perfect Marriage,” “The Couple Next Door” is a thriller that explores the dark side of seemingly perfect relationships and the impact of secrets on those relationships. 

Both books engage readers with fast-paced narratives, unexpected twists, and the unraveling of lies to reveal the truth. The theme of how well one truly knows their partner is central in both stories, appealing to fans of domestic thrillers.

8. “The Other Woman” by Sandie Jones

“The Other Woman” centers around Emily, who believes she’s found the perfect man in Adam, but her joy is overshadowed by Pammie, Adam’s manipulative mother. 

Pammie will stop at nothing to make Emily’s life a living nightmare and keep her away from Adam. The novel is a psychological battle of wills, as Emily tries to stand her ground against Pammie’s increasingly sinister tactics, leading to a shocking conclusion.

Major Similarities: 

Both “The Perfect Marriage” and “The Other Woman” explore the dynamics of relationships complicated by external manipulation and secrets. 

While “The Perfect Marriage” focuses on the spouses themselves, “The Other Woman” expands the arena to include family interference, yet both novels masterfully build tension and suspense around the unraveling of a seemingly idyllic life. 

The psychological depth and the exploration of how far individuals will go to protect their relationships are common themes.

9. “The Marriage Lie” by Kimberly Belle

“The Marriage Lie” starts with a devastating plane crash that leads Iris and Will’s perfect marriage into chaos. Iris discovers that Will was supposed to have been on the fatal flight, but then learns he never boarded the plane. 

As she digs deeper, Iris’s search for the truth uncovers a web of lies and secrets about the man she thought she knew, challenging everything she believed about her marriage.

Major Similarities: 

Like “The Perfect Marriage,” “The Marriage Lie” is a thrilling exploration of the secrets and lies within a marriage that seemed flawless from the outside. 

Both novels feature protagonists who must confront the reality that their partners may not be who they thought they were, leading to a compelling narrative driven by suspense and the quest for truth. 

The emotional turmoil and psychological tension in “The Marriage Lie” mirror the intense, page-turning experience of “The Perfect Marriage.”

10. “A Simple Favor” by Darcey Bell

“A Simple Favor” tells the story of Stephanie, a mommy blogger who seeks to uncover the truth behind her best friend Emily’s sudden disappearance. 

As Stephanie delves deeper into Emily’s life, she discovers that nothing is as simple as it seems, and Emily’s secrets may be darker than she ever imagined. The novel is a twisty tale of friendship, betrayal, and the lengths to which people will go to protect their secrets.

Major Similarities: 

Both “A Simple Favor” and “The Perfect Marriage” mix suspense with elements of mystery, focusing on the unraveling of complex characters and the secrets they hide. 

While “The Perfect Marriage” delves into the intricacies of a spousal relationship, “A Simple Favor” expands on the theme of deceptive appearances and hidden truths within friendships. 

The engaging narrative and psychological depth make “A Simple Favor” a compelling read for those fascinated by the dynamics of intimate relationships and the unpredictability of human behavior.

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