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18 Books Like Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

Books Like Icebreaker

Icebreaker was one hell of an amazing novel in a classic Hannah Grace style. 

Not that she has written a lot before, but if you want something and casual and chique, it’s the way to go. 


I mean, just look at the romance between the two main characters – it was electrifying! 

If you’re craving more heart-pounding suspense and sizzling romance like Icebreaker, then you’re in luck. 

Here are some books that will keep you on the edge of your seat and swooning for more.

Books Like Icebreaker

1. The Deal by Elle Kennedy

“The Deal” follows Hannah Wells and Garrett Graham, who find themselves in an unlikely partnership. Garrett needs to improve his grades to keep playing hockey, and Hannah could use Garrett’s popularity to catch the attention of her crush. As they start spending more time together, their initial arrangement starts to evolve into something more.

Major Similarities: Like “Icebreaker,” “The Deal” is set in a college environment with a focus on sports—hockey, in particular. Both novels explore the dynamics of a relationship that starts off with mutual benefits but grows into a genuine connection, blending elements of sports, romance, and personal growth.

2. Pucked by Helena Hunting

In “Pucked,” Violet Hall ends up in a relationship with the captain of the hockey team, Alex Waters, after a one-night stand that she assumes will lead nowhere. However, Alex is not just any hockey player; he’s thoughtful, respectful, and genuinely interested in Violet, which takes her by surprise.

Major Similarities: This book shares the sports romance theme with “Icebreaker,” focusing on hockey as the backdrop for the blossoming relationship. Both stories feature a strong female lead and a hockey player, navigating their unexpected feelings amidst the pressures of their environments.

3. The Score by Elle Kennedy

“The Score” is part of Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus series, focusing on Dean Di Laurentis and Allie Hayes. After a break-up, Allie seeks solace in Dean, leading to an unexpected night together. Despite their different lifestyles—Dean’s playboy ways and Allie’s more reserved nature—they find themselves drawn to each other.

Major Similarities: Like “Icebreaker,” “The Score” centers around college students and athletes, offering a mix of steamy romance and emotional depth. Both novels delve into the complexities of opening up to love in a collegiate sports setting.

4. The Mistake by Elle Kennedy

“The Mistake” follows Logan and Grace, two college students who couldn’t be more different. After a chance encounter, Logan is determined to win Grace’s forgiveness and possibly her heart. But with his reputation and their different worlds, it’s not an easy task.

Major Similarities: Set in a college setting with a strong emphasis on hockey, “The Mistake” shares the sports romance theme with “Icebreaker.” Both novels showcase the development of a relationship that initially faces resistance, highlighting themes of redemption and the power of second chances.

5. Wait for You by J. Lynn

“Wait for You” tells the story of Avery Morgansten, who moves across the country to escape her past, and Cameron Hamilton, the one guy who might break through her defenses. As Avery’s secrets start to surface, their budding relationship is put to the test.

Major Similarities: Although not centered around sports, “Wait for You” and “Icebreaker” both feature college settings and deal with themes of overcoming personal obstacles for love. Each story explores the growth and healing that comes from opening up to another person.

6. The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan

“The Hook Up” begins with Anna Jones and Drew Baylor, the star quarterback, whose initial hookup is supposed to be meaningless. However, Drew is determined to show Anna that what they have could be real and lasting, challenging her resistance to a relationship.

Major Similarities: This novel shares the college sports romance genre with “Icebreaker,” focusing on the development of a relationship between a student and a star athlete. Both books navigate the complexities of balancing school, sports, and romance.

7. Off-Campus by Amy Jo Cousins

“Off-Campus” explores the life of Tom Worthington and Reese Anders, two students navigating their identities and futures. As they grow closer, they must confront their pasts and decide what they truly want.

Major Similarities: “Off-Campus” and “Icebreaker” both delve into themes of self-discovery and emotional growth within a college setting. While the sports element is less pronounced, the focus on personal challenges and romance aligns closely with “Icebreaker.”

8. Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey

In “Scoring Wilder,” college soccer player Kinsley Bryant finds herself falling for her off-limits coach, Liam Wilder, a professional soccer player. Their forbidden attraction leads to a secretive but passionate romance.

Major Similarities: Similar to “Icebreaker,” “Scoring Wilder” combines the worlds of sports and college, highlighting the challenges and intensity of a forbidden romance. Both novels feature strong, determined female athletes and the men who unexpectedly enter their lives.

9. Rush Me by Allison Parr

When Rachael Hamilton accidentally crashes a football player’s party, she’s thrust into the world of professional sports and finds herself clashing with the handsome, arrogant Ryan Carter. Despite their initial misunderstandings, sparks fly.

Major Similarities: “Rush Me” and “Icebreaker” share a similar dynamic of initial dislike turning into attraction and love, set against a backdrop of sports. Both novels explore the themes of preconceived notions and the journey to understanding and passion.

10. Jock Row by Sara Ney

“Jock Row” features Scarlett and Rowdy, where Scarlett finds herself banned from the jock row at parties due to her cockblocking reputation. When she meets Rowdy, the captain of the baseball team, they start a friendship that slowly turns into more.

Major Similarities: Both “Jock Row” and “Icebreaker” revolve around college sports, focusing on the unexpected romantic developments between athletes and their initially platonic friends. The transition from friendship to romance underlines the depth of their connections.

11. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Abby Abernathy tries to distance herself from her dark past but finds herself drawn to Travis Maddox, the ultimate bad boy. Their intense and tumultuous relationship tests the boundaries of what they know about love and themselves.

Major Similarities: “Beautiful Disaster” and “Icebreaker” feature intense relationships that start with a volatile dynamic, evolving into deep emotional connections. Both novels explore the idea of love as a transformative power.

12. The Year We Fell Down by Sarina Bowen

The story revolves around Corey Callahan and Adam Hartley, both dealing with their own physical and emotional injuries. As they navigate college life with their limitations, they find solace and strength in each other.

Major Similarities: Like “Icebreaker,” “The Year We Fell Down” is set in a college environment, with a focus on overcoming personal challenges. Both novels showcase a deep bond formed through mutual support and understanding.

13. Fumbled by Alexa Martin

Poppy Patterson and TK Moore, the NFL star, were high school sweethearts until life took them in different directions. When they reunite years later, they must navigate the complexities of their past and the spotlight of professional sports.

Major Similarities: “Fumbled” shares the theme of a second-chance romance with “Icebreaker,” set against the backdrop of sports. Both stories explore the challenges of balancing public scrutiny with personal relationships.

14. Kulti by Mariana Zapata

Sal Casillas, a professional soccer player, finds herself coached by the legendary (and retired) Reiner Kulti, her childhood idol. What starts as antagonistic turns into a slow-burning romance that challenges both their perceptions of love and success.

Major Similarities: “Kulti” and “Icebreaker” both delve into the dynamics between athletes, with a focus on personal growth, overcoming adversity, and the slow build of trust and love within a competitive sports setting.

15. The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

Vanessa Mazur knows she’s nothing more than an overworked assistant to Aiden Graves, a taciturn professional football player. When Aiden unexpectedly asks for her help in a personal crisis, their relationship begins to change in ways neither expected.

Major Similarities: Like “Icebreaker,” this novel features a sports setting and a slow-building romance that evolves from a professional arrangement into something much deeper. Both stories highlight the importance of loyalty, perseverance, and emotional connection.

16. Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Jamie Canning and Ryan Wesley were best friends until one night changed everything. Years later, they reunite at a college hockey tournament, confronting their past and the feelings that have lingered.

Major Similarities: “Him” shares the college sports setting with “Icebreaker,” focusing on the complex relationship between two athletes. Both novels explore themes of friendship, love, and coming to terms with one’s identity within the sports world.

17. The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan

Gray Grayson finds a friend in Ivy Mackenzie through texts, but their relationship becomes complicated as their real-life connection deepens. As they navigate their feelings and the challenges that come with them, they must decide if they’re willing to risk their friendship for a chance at love.

Major Similarities: “The Friend Zone” and “Icebreaker” both portray the evolution from friendship to romance, set against a backdrop of college life. The novels emphasize the importance of communication and trust in developing a deep and meaningful relationship.

18. Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen

Georgia Worthington and Leo Trevi had their hearts broken in high school. When Leo becomes the newest member of Georgia’s father’s hockey team, old feelings resurface, and they must confront their past while navigating the pressures of professional sports.

Major Similarities: “Rookie Move” mirrors “Icebreaker” in its sports romance theme, focusing on a second-chance relationship between two individuals linked by their past and their present in the world of professional hockey.

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