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24 Best Mafia Romance Books

Best Mafia Romance Books

Explore the world of forbidden love, danger, and passion with our curated list of the best mafia romance books. 

From gripping tales of dangerous alliances to steamy romances set against the backdrop of organized crime, these novels delve into the complexities of loyalty, desire, and power. 

Whether you’re a fan of suspenseful plots or intense love stories, these books promise to immerse you in a thrilling and seductive journey unlike any other.

Best Mafia Romance Books

“The Kiss Thief” by L.J. Shen

In “The Kiss Thief,” Francesca Rossi, the daughter of a mafia capo, has her first kiss stolen by Senator Wolfe Keaton, a man with a vendetta against her father. 

This act of theft propels Francesca into a world of politics, power, and betrayal, far removed from the sheltered life she has known within the mafia’s protective walls. 

As Francesca navigates her forced engagement to Wolfe, she uncovers the depth of her resilience and the complexity of falling in love with someone who appears to be her utmost enemy.

What makes it amazing?

“The Kiss Thief” stands out for its gripping blend of romance and revenge. L.J. Shen masterfully crafts a storyline that is both emotionally intense and intellectually stimulating, exploring themes of power dynamics, personal growth, and the transformative power of love. 

The chemistry between Francesca and Wolfe, combined with Shen’s eloquent writing style, makes for a captivating read that challenges traditional romance narratives.

“Crow” by A. Zavarelli

“Crow” introduces readers to Mackenzie Wilder, who finds herself entangled with Lachlan Crow, a high-ranking member of the Irish mafia in Boston. As she delves deeper into Lachlan’s world, Mackenzie uncovers secrets that threaten to destroy both their lives. 

The relationship between them is fraught with danger, deceit, and an undeniable attraction that defies the boundaries of their very different worlds.

What makes it amazing?

What sets “Crow” apart is its dark and immersive storytelling. A. Zavarelli creates a vivid depiction of the Boston underworld, filled with complex characters whose loyalties and motives are constantly in question. 

The intense emotional journey of Mackenzie and Lachlan, coupled with the suspenseful plot, makes this book a standout in the mafia romance genre.

“Bound by Honor” by Cora Reilly

“Bound by Honor” revolves around Aria Scuderi, a mafia princess, who is bound by duty to marry Luca Vitiello, the future head of a rival family, to ensure peace between their clans. 

This arranged marriage is far from a fairy tale, as Aria grapples with her fear and resentment towards Luca, who is known as the ‘Cold Killer’. Yet, as they begin to navigate their new life together, they discover unexpected feelings that challenge their perceptions of duty and love.

What makes it amazing?

Cora Reilly excels in creating a nuanced portrayal of arranged marriages within the mafia world in “Bound by Honor.” The evolution of Aria and Luca’s relationship, from adversaries to lovers, is both believable and deeply moving. 

The book’s exploration of themes such as honor, duty, and the quest for personal happiness amidst the brutal realities of mafia life makes it a compelling and unforgettable read.

“Ruthless People” by J.J. McAvoy

“Ruthless People” is the story of Melody Giovanni and Liam Callahan, heirs to two of the most powerful mafia dynasties in Chicago. Their arranged marriage is meant to unite their families and strengthen their power, but both Melody and Liam are accustomed to being in control. 

What starts as a battle for dominance soon turns into an intense and passionate partnership, as they face external threats to their empire together.

What makes it amazing?

The dynamic between Melody and Liam is electrifying, making “Ruthless People” a thrilling read. J.J. McAvoy skillfully blends elements of action, suspense, and romance, creating a fast-paced narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. 

The strength and complexity of both characters, along with their ruthless yet deeply committed relationship, offer a fresh and captivating take on the mafia romance trope.

“Sweet Temptation” by Cora Reilly

In “Sweet Temptation,” the youngest daughter of the Chicago Outfit, Giulia, finds herself irresistibly drawn to Cassio, a man who is not only dangerous but also tasked with protecting her from a looming threat. Their connection is instant, but the rules of their world forbid them from being together. 

As they struggle against their circumstances and the expectations of their families, they must decide if their love is worth the potentially deadly consequences.

What makes it amazing?

“Sweet Temptation” delves into the forbidden love trope with intensity and emotion. Cora Reilly’s ability to create a palpable tension between Giulia and Cassio, along with her detailed exploration of the mafia’s cultural and operational intricacies, enriches the narrative. 

The book’s exploration of loyalty, sacrifice, and the pursuit of happiness within the confines of a dangerous life makes it an enthralling addition to the mafia romance genre.

“Vicious” by L.J. Shen

“Vicious” follows Emilia LeBlanc, who finds herself caught in the crosshairs of Baron “Vicious” Spencer, a man who epitomizes cruelty and power. Their connection is complicated, rooted in a shared history that is marred by tragedy, secrets, and a desire for revenge. 

Vicious, a man who has never been challenged, meets his match in Emilia, leading to an intense and complicated relationship that blurs the lines between love and hate.

What makes it amazing?

L.J. Shen crafts a compelling tale of redemption, love, and the power of forgiveness in “Vicious.” The complex characters, especially Vicious, who is both detestable and deeply charismatic, drive the narrative. Shen’s exploration of themes such as vengeance, survival, and the capacity for change makes this novel stand out. 

The intense dynamic between the protagonists captivates readers, making it a memorable story for those who enjoy dark, emotionally charged romances.

“Nero” by Sarah Brianne

In “Nero,” the first book of the Made Men series, Elle, a high school student, becomes the target of bullying, leading her into the path of Nero Caruso, the school’s golden boy with mafia ties. 

Nero’s interest in Elle sparks a dangerous game of cat and mouse, revealing secrets that threaten to engulf them both. As their world teeters on the edge of violence, their connection deepens, presenting a stark choice between love and loyalty to their respective families.

What makes it amazing?

Sarah Brianne offers a unique blend of young adult romance and mafia drama in “Nero,” creating an engaging storyline that captures the volatility of both adolescence and life within the mafia. 

The evolution of Nero and Elle’s relationship, set against a backdrop of high stakes and familial obligations, provides a gripping read. 

Brianne’s ability to weave together themes of first love, power struggles, and the search for one’s place in a world governed by old rules and rivalries makes “Nero” a standout novel in the genre.

“Monster in His Eyes” by J.M. Darhower

“Monster in His Eyes” introduces Karissa Reed, a college student who unwittingly falls for Ignazio Vitale, a man whose ties to the mafia run deep and dark. 

As their relationship deepens, Karissa is drawn into a world of secrets, danger, and moral ambiguity. Ignazio, a man with a complex past and a capacity for both tenderness and brutality, represents a love that could either save or destroy Karissa.

What makes it amazing?

J.M. Darhower masterfully navigates the thin line between love and obsession in “Monster in His Eyes.” The novel’s dark atmosphere, combined with the intense, passionate relationship between Karissa and Ignazio, makes for a compelling read. 

Darhower’s exploration of the psychological aspects of their connection, along with the moral complexities of the mafia world, engages readers and challenges them to consider the nature of love and redemption.

“Cole” by Tijan

“Cole” revolves around Addison Bowman, who, in the wake of tragedy, finds herself entangled with Carter Reed’s best friend, Cole Mauricio. Cole, the head of a powerful mafia family, is drawn to Addison’s strength and vulnerability. 

As their worlds collide, Addison must navigate the dangerous waters of mafia politics, betrayal, and the potential cost of love within a world where loyalty is everything.

What makes it amazing?

Tijan crafts a mesmerizing tale of love and danger in “Cole.” The novel’s strength lies in its character development and the intricate portrayal of the mafia lifestyle. 

Tijan’s ability to blend romance, suspense, and a deep exploration of what it means to belong somewhere, even if that place is fraught with danger, makes “Cole” a must-read

The emotional depth and the complex dynamics between the characters enrich the narrative, offering readers a captivating journey through the highs and lows of loving a mafia boss.

“Carter Reed” by Tijan

“Carter Reed” tells the story of Emma Martin, who turns to Carter Reed, a powerful figure in the mafia underworld, for protection from an imminent threat. Their past connection—Carter being her brother’s best friend—complicates their relationship, which evolves from one of necessity to an intense and passionate bond. 

As Emma delves deeper into Carter’s world, she finds herself caught between her desire for safety and her growing feelings for a man who is both protector and potential destroyer.

What makes it amazing?

Tijan delivers a gripping narrative in “Carter Reed” that expertly balances elements of romance, suspense, and action. The depth of the characters, coupled with the intricate plot and the moral dilemmas faced by Emma, make for a thrilling read. 

Tijan’s exploration of the themes of loyalty, love, and the lengths to which one will go to protect those they care about, sets “Carter Reed” apart as a poignant and intense mafia romance that stays with the reader long after the last page.

“Sparrow” by L.J. Shen

In “Sparrow,” the eponymous character Sparrow Raynes finds herself in a predicament when she is forced to marry Troy Brennan, a feared mafia leader in Boston. What starts as a means to an end for Brennan becomes a complex battle of wills, desires, and secrets. 

As Sparrow navigates her new life, she discovers strength she never knew she had, and Brennan confronts feelings he’s long denied. The forced marriage trope evolves into a gripping tale of love, power, and liberation.

What makes it amazing?

“Sparrow” stands out for its engaging narrative, rich character development, and the dynamic between Sparrow and Troy. L.J. Shen crafts a story that transcends the typical mafia romance, delving into themes of autonomy, resilience, and the transformative power of love. 

The novel’s ability to blend tension, passion, and unexpected moments of tenderness makes it a compelling read. Shen’s storytelling ensures that readers are invested in the characters’ journey, making “Sparrow” a memorable addition to the genre.

“Menace” by J.M. Darhower

“Menace,” part of the Scarlet Scars series, introduces readers to Lorenzo Gambini, a man scarred by his past and present, living life on his own terms within the mafia underworld. His path crosses with Morgan Myers, a woman with secrets and struggles of her own. 

Their relationship is fraught with danger, intensity, and a mutual recognition of each other’s scars—both literal and metaphorical. Darhower weaves a tale of survival, identity, and the possibility of love in a world where trust is a rare commodity.

What makes it amazing?

J.M. Darhower’s “Menace” captivates with its intricate plot, multifaceted characters, and the gritty realism of its setting. The depth with which Darhower explores the psychological aspects of Lorenzo and Morgan’s lives adds a layer of authenticity and emotional resonance to the story. 

The novel’s exploration of redemption, the desire for connection, and the complexities of the human spirit in the face of adversity makes it a standout. “Menace” offers a blend of suspense, romance, and a nuanced look at the lives of those entangled in the mafia’s web.

“The Professional” by Kresley Cole

“The Professional” unfolds the tantalizing story of Natalie Porter, who embarks on a journey to find her biological parents, only to uncover her Russian mafia heritage and become entangled with Aleksandr Sevastyan, a skilled hitman and her protector. 

Their relationship evolves from captor and captive to something much deeper, driven by an undeniable attraction and complicated by Sevastyan’s fierce loyalty to the Bratva. Cole masterfully blends suspense, erotica, and romance, creating a world where danger and desire coexist.

What makes it amazing?

Kresley Cole’s “The Professional” is remarkable for its intense character dynamics, steamy romance, and thrilling plot. The novel’s strength lies in its ability to immerse readers in a sensual, dangerous world where each turn of the page heightens the suspense and the heat. 

Cole’s exploration of themes such as discovery, belonging, and the power dynamics within relationships set against the backdrop of the mafia world makes this story unforgettable. 

The Professional captivates with its blend of raw emotion, compelling characters, and a storyline that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

“Ghost” by A. Zavarelli

In “Ghost,” the second book in the Boston Underworld series, we dive deeper into the mafia world through the eyes of Alexei, a man haunted by his past and driven by a need for vengeance. He crosses paths with Talia, a woman with secrets of her own and a desire to escape the darkness that surrounds her. 

Their journey is a tumultuous exploration of forgiveness, healing, and the lengths to which love can redeem even the most damaged souls. Zavarelli crafts a narrative that is both heart-wrenching and hopeful, set against the gritty backdrop of the mafia’s underbelly.

What makes it amazing?

“Ghost” shines through its emotional depth, complex characters, and the palpable tension that A. Zavarelli weaves throughout the story. 

The novel’s exploration of themes such as redemption, survival, and the transformative power of love in the face of despair makes it a powerful read. 

Zavarelli’s ability to create a vivid, immersive world where each character’s struggle feels intensely personal and real adds to the book’s impact. “Ghost” is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the redemptive power of love, making it a standout in the genre.

“El Diablo” by M. Robinson

“El Diablo” spins the tale of Alejandro Martinez, a notorious crime lord known as El Diablo, and Lexi, a young woman who unexpectedly enters his life, challenging him in ways he never anticipated. 

As their worlds collide, the story delves into the depths of Alejandro’s dark past, his rise to power, and the possibility of redemption through love. 

M. Robinson crafts a narrative that is both a gripping tale of mafia intrigue and a complex love story, exploring the thin line between love and obsession, redemption, and ruin.

What makes it amazing?

M. Robinson’s “El Diablo” is celebrated for its intense character study of Alejandro, providing a nuanced portrayal of a man torn between his nature and his desire for change. 

The novel’s exploration of themes such as power, redemption, and the capacity for love in the darkest of hearts makes it a compelling read. 

Robinson’s storytelling prowess is evident in the way she weaves together a tale that is both epic in scope and intimately focused on the transformative power of love.

“El Diablo” stands out for its emotional depth, complex characters, and a storyline that captures the essence of the mafia romance genre.

“Fearless” by Lauren Gilley

In “Fearless,” part of the Dartmoor series, Lauren Gilley crafts an intricate narrative that melds the gritty world of motorcycle clubs with the strategic maneuvering akin to mafia life. 

The story centers around Mercy Lécuyer, a woman entwined with the Lean Dogs Motorcycle Club, and the complex, often dangerous relationships within. 

As alliances form and loyalties are tested, a profound love story unfolds, showcasing the resilience and depth of its characters amidst a backdrop of power struggles and the quest for control.

What makes it amazing?

“Fearless” is remarkable for its detailed world-building, character development, and the seamless integration of motorcycle club and mafia elements. 

Gilley’s narrative skillfully explores themes of honor, family, and love within a subculture that demands both allegiance and sacrifice. The novel’s ability to present a love story that is both tender and fierce, set against the raw, uncompromising world of the Lean Dogs, captures the essence of what makes this blend of genres so compelling. 

The depth of the characters and the complexity of their relationships make “Fearless” a standout in the realm of mafia and motorcycle club romance.

“Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire

While “Beautiful Disaster” may not fit the traditional mold of mafia romance, it captivates readers with its intense romantic dynamics and elements of danger that echo the thrill of mafia narratives. 

The story revolves around Abby Abernathy and Travis Maddox, whose relationship is fraught with challenges, passion, and the kind of tumultuous love that can either save or destroy. 

McGuire skillfully portrays the magnetic pull between Abby and Travis, creating a compelling exploration of love, obsession, and the possibility of redemption.

What makes it amazing?

“Beautiful Disaster” stands out for its emotional depth, engaging characters, and the raw intensity of its love story. McGuire’s writing draws readers into the whirlwind romance between Abby and Travis, making their journey a gripping exploration of the complexities of love. 

The novel’s ability to blend elements of danger with a deeply personal narrative makes it resonate with fans of mafia romance and beyond. “Beautiful Disaster” is celebrated for its compelling depiction of a love that is as beautiful as it is chaotic, making it a memorable read.

“Corrado” by Bethany-Kris

“Corrado” delves into the heart of mafia life, presenting a tale of love, loyalty, and sacrifice. The story centers on Corrado Guzzi, a man born into the mafia, and the intricate dynamics of his family and the criminal underworld. 

As Corrado navigates the path laid out for him, he encounters love in an unexpected place, challenging his beliefs and altering the course of his life. Bethany-Kris masterfully captures the essence of mafia romance, weaving a narrative that is both gripping and emotionally resonant.

What makes it amazing?

Bethany-Kris’s “Corrado” is notable for its authentic portrayal of mafia culture, complex character development, and the poignant exploration of love within the confines of a life preordained by family and duty. 

The novel’s depth comes from its detailed exploration of the characters’ internal struggles, the sacrifices they make for love, and the loyalty they owe to their family. 

“Corrado” excels in its ability to tell a compelling love story against the backdrop of the mafia world, making it an essential read for fans of the genre.

“Reaper’s Property” by Joanna Wylde

“Reaper’s Property” merges the raw intensity of biker culture with dynamics reminiscent of the mafia world, offering a unique perspective on love and loyalty. The story introduces Marie, who finds herself caught in the world of the Reapers Motorcycle Club through her relationship with Horse, a member of the club. 

What starts as a transactional arrangement evolves into a complex, passionate relationship that challenges their understanding of loyalty, freedom, and love. Wylde’s narrative is a bold exploration of the unconventional paths to love, set within the compelling subculture of bikers.

What makes it amazing?

Joanna Wylde’s “Reaper’s Property” is celebrated for its authentic portrayal of motorcycle club culture, dynamic characters, and the unconventional love story at its heart. The novel’s exploration of themes such as belonging, power, and the search for independence within the structure of the club offers a fresh take on the romance genre. 

Wylde’s ability to blend the excitement and danger of the biker world with a deeply emotional love story makes “Reaper’s Property” a standout. The novel captivates readers with its gritty realism, compelling narrative, and the passionate connection between its main characters.

“Under Locke” by Mariana Zapata

“Under Locke” is a riveting slow-burn romance that intricately weaves the lives of Iris Taylor and Dex Locke, a tattoo artist with ties to criminal activities. Set against the backdrop of a tattoo parlor, the story gradually unfolds, revealing the complexities of their pasts and the danger lurking around them. 

Zapata masterfully develops their relationship, emphasizing growth, trust, and the overcoming of personal demons. The narrative not only delves into romantic development but also explores themes of loyalty and the thin line between right and wrong in a world shaded by gray.

What makes it amazing?

What sets “Under Locke” apart is its slow-burn romance that allows for deep character development and a build-up of tension that makes the culmination of Iris and Dex’s relationship all the more satisfying. 

The detailed portrayal of their evolving relationship, set against a backdrop of mild criminal undertones, provides a unique twist to the romance genre. Zapata’s skill in crafting believable characters, each with their own struggles and strengths, adds depth to the narrative, making 

“Under Locke” a compelling read for those who appreciate detailed character arcs and a storyline that simmers before it boils.

“Dark Lover” by J.R. Ward

“Dark Lover” introduces readers to the Black Dagger Brotherhood, a paranormal series that infuses the classic themes of mafia romance—loyalty, passion, and power struggles—with a supernatural twist. The story revolves around Wrath, the last purebred vampire king, and Beth Randall, a half-breed unaware of her heritage. 

Their world is one of danger, intrigue, and deep bonds, where the warriors fight against their enemies to protect their race. J.R. Ward creates a richly developed universe, combining elements of dark romance, fantasy, and the complexities of leadership and legacy.

What makes it amazing?

The novel stands out for its innovative blending of genres, offering a fresh perspective on the romance genre. The allure of “Dark Lover” lies in its complex characters, elaborate world-building, and the intense, passionate relationships that develop. 

Ward’s ability to weave together themes of duty, love, and sacrifice with the action-packed life of vampire warriors makes the story not just a romance but an epic saga. 

The depth of the lore and the intricate dynamics within the Brotherhood add layers of intrigue and attachment, making “Dark Lover” an unforgettable start to a beloved series.

“Sempre” by J.M. Darhower

“Sempre” presents a gripping tale of love and liberation within the confines of the mafia’s dark world. The story follows Haven Antonelli and Carmine DeMarco, two young people born into vastly different lives who find solace and understanding in each other. 

Their journey is one of profound love, desperate choices, and the quest for freedom in a life that seems determined to keep them apart. Darhower captures the essence of a forbidden romance, set against the backdrop of organized crime, with a keen eye for emotional depth and moral complexity.

What makes it amazing?

“Sempre” is acclaimed for its emotional depth, the compelling development of its main characters, and the detailed exploration of the mafia’s impact on individuals and families. The novel’s strength lies in its ability to blend a poignant love story with themes of freedom, choice, and the cost of loyalty. 

Darhower’s writing is both beautiful and haunting, engaging readers with its vivid portrayal of the characters’ struggles and the sacrifices they make for love. “Sempre” is a testament to the power of love to transcend the darkest circumstances, making it a standout in the genre.

“Made” by J.M. Darhower

As the sequel to “Sempre,” “Made” continues the saga of love and liberation against the backdrop of mafia oppression. 

The narrative delves deeper into the lives of Haven and Carmine, exploring the repercussions of their choices and the ongoing battle against the constraints of their world. 

Darhower expands on the themes introduced in “Sempre,” adding layers of complexity to the characters’ journey towards freedom and redemption. The sequel is a testament to the enduring power of love and the unyielding spirit of those fighting for a better life.

What makes it amazing?

“Made” captivates readers with its intricate plot, emotional intensity, and the continued development of beloved characters. Darhower’s ability to navigate the complexities of the mafia world while keeping the focus on the personal growth and relationship of Haven and Carmine enriches the narrative. 

The sequel deepens the exploration of themes such as identity, sacrifice, and the meaning of family within the mafia context. “Made” stands out for its compelling storytelling, the depth of its character arcs, and the hopeful message that love and determination can overcome even the most daunting obstacles.

“The Mafia And His Angel” by Lylah James

“The Mafia And His Angel” trilogy explores the tumultuous relationship between a mafia boss and a woman with a traumatic past. Ayla and Alessio’s story is one of healing, love, and the transformation that occurs when two broken individuals find solace in each other. 

James weaves a narrative that is as much about the power of love to heal as it is about the complexities of life within the mafia. The trilogy takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster, showcasing the characters’ journey from darkness to light, from pain to healing.

What makes it amazing?

This trilogy stands out for its deep emotional resonance, the gradual development of the characters’ relationship, and the exploration of themes such as trauma, healing, and redemption. James’s writing is poignant and evocative, capturing the intensity of Ayla and Alessio’s connection and the challenges they face. 

The series is celebrated for its ability to blend the harsh realities of the mafia world with a love story that is both tender and powerful. “The Mafia And His Angel” is remarkable for its compelling narrative, the depth of its character exploration, and its testament to the transformative power of love.

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