20 Best Colleen Hoover Books Ranked

Best Colleen Hoover Books Ranked

Colleen Hoover has captivated bibliophiles worldwide with her emotionally charged and heartwarming novels. 

Known for her ability to create relatable characters and intricate plots, she has left an indelible mark on contemporary romance and young adult fiction. 

As an avid reader and fan of Hoover’s work, I’ve decided to compile a list of her 20 best books, ranked according to my personal preference. 

While opinions may vary, I hope this list serves as a guide for fellow fans and newcomers alike.

20 Best Colleen Hoover Books Ranked

1. It Ends with Us (2016)

This novel delves into the complexities of a love triangle involving Lily, a recent college graduate starting her own business, Ryle, a neurosurgeon with a strict no-dating rule, and Atlas, Lily’s first love. 

The story navigates the difficult terrains of abusive relationships, showing Lily’s struggle between her feelings and the hard decisions she must make. 

It’s a raw and honest portrayal of the cycles of domestic violence, offering deep emotional impact and thought-provoking themes.

2. Verity (2018)

A departure from Hoover’s usual genre, this romantic thriller follows Lowen, a struggling writer, who gets an offer to complete the remaining books in a successful series by injured author Verity Crawford. 

As Lowen sifts through Verity’s notes and manuscripts, she uncovers a chilling autobiography revealing disturbing secrets about Verity’s family, which could jeopardize her relationship with Verity’s husband, Jeremy. 

The novel is filled with suspense, twists, and dark romance, keeping readers on edge till the end.

3. Ugly Love (2014)

This emotionally charged novel tells the story of Tate Collins and Miles Archer. 

Tate meets Miles, a pilot and the brother of her brother’s friend, and they agree on a physical relationship with no strings attached. However, as they grow closer, Tate develops deeper feelings, while Miles, haunted by a past tragedy, insists on keeping their arrangement purely physical. 

The novel alternates between the present and Miles’s past, gradually revealing the source of his pain.

4. November 9 (2015)

This unique romance novel revolves around Fallon and Ben, who meet on November 9 and feel an instant connection. 

Fallon is about to move across the country, so they agree to meet on the same date every year. Each chapter takes place on November 9 over several years, showing their individual growth and changes, as well as the evolving nature of their relationship. 

The novel explores themes of love, self-discovery, and the impact of timing in relationships.

5. Confess (2015)

This novel weaves a tale around Auburn Reed, who stumbles upon an art gallery looking for a job, and Owen Gentry, the mysterious artist who runs it. Owen’s artwork is based on confessions submitted anonymously, revealing deep emotions and secrets. 

As Auburn and Owen’s relationship deepens, personal confessions and hidden truths come to light, threatening their future. The story is a blend of romance, secrets, and the transformative power of art.

6. Hopeless (2012)

This dark romance focuses on Sky, a high school senior who meets Dean Holder, a guy with a notorious reputation. 

As they get closer, Sky’s life turns upside down, uncovering long-buried memories and secrets about her past. The novel deals with intense themes like trauma and healing, and is a gripping tale of love, loss, and rediscovery.

7. Maybe Someday (2014)

This novel centers on Sydney and Ridge, neighbors who bond over their shared love of music. 

Sydney, betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend, finds solace in writing songs with Ridge, who is deaf but talented in creating music. As their collaboration deepens into an emotional connection, they face ethical dilemmas and challenges. 

The novel is a heartwarming story about love, trust, and the healing power of music.

8. All Your Perfects (2018)

This novel is an intimate portrayal of a couple struggling with issues that are tearing their marriage apart. 

Quinn and Graham’s story is told through alternating timelines, showing the beginning of their love in the past and their struggles with infertility in the present. 

The story is a raw and realistic depiction of how external challenges like infertility can impact relationships, highlighting themes of love, imperfection, and the struggles of maintaining a lifelong commitment.

9. Without Merit (2017)

This novel focuses on Merit Voss, a teenager living in a dysfunctional family with secrets and misunderstandings. 

She collects trophies she hasn’t earned and secrets her family forces her to keep. Feeling increasingly detached from her family and dealing with unrequited love, Merit’s life reaches a breaking point, leading her to consider escaping for good. 

It’s a story of self-discovery, mental health, and the complexities of familial relationships, showcasing Hoover’s ability to blend humor with serious themes.

10. Slammed (2012)

This is a touching and emotional story about 18-year-old Layken Cohen, who, after the death of her father, moves to a new town and falls for her neighbor, Will Cooper. 

Will introduces Layken to the world of slam poetry. However, a shocking revelation forces them to reevaluate their relationship. 

The novel beautifully combines the intensity of first love with the power of poetry, making it a unique and compelling read.

11. Point of Retreat (2012) 

A sequel to “Slammed,” this novel continues the story of Layken and Will, who face new challenges in their relationship. 

With the added responsibilities of their families and past tragedies, they must find a way to stay strong together. The novel delves deeper into their love story, exploring themes of trust, resilience, and the power of enduring love.

12. This Girl (2013)

The third installment in the “Slammed” series, this book is a retelling of the events from the first novel but from Will’s perspective. 

It provides insight into Will’s thoughts and feelings, adding depth to the story and characters. The novel offers readers a chance to revisit the beloved story with new insights and a fresh perspective.

13. Layla (2020)

This novel takes a turn into the paranormal romance genre. It centers on Leeds and Layla, who meet at a wedding and quickly fall in love. Their relationship takes a strange turn after an attack leaves Layla with unexplained abilities. 

As Leeds tries to help her recover, he discovers the darker aspects of her new abilities and is forced to make difficult choices. The book combines elements of romance, mystery, and the supernatural.

14. Regretting You (2019)

This is a poignant story about the complex relationship between a mother, Morgan, and her daughter, Clara. After a tragic accident that changes their lives forever, Morgan and Clara find themselves at odds, each dealing with grief and secrets in their own way. 

The novel is a touching exploration of family, love, and forgiveness, highlighting the ups and downs of mother-daughter relationships and the enduring power of love through adversity.

15. Finding Cinderella (2013)

This novella is a part of the “Hopeless” series and focuses on the characters Daniel and Six. 

Daniel, the best friend of Holder from “Hopeless,” has a chance encounter with a mysterious girl in a dark maintenance closet, leading to a passionate romance. 

A year later, he meets Six, a girl with a troubled past, and they quickly form a connection. The novella explores their relationship and the challenges they face, blending humor, romance, and emotional depth in a compact story.

16. Never Never (Series co-written with Tarryn Fisher)

This is a collaborative series between Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher. The story revolves around Charlie Wynwood and Silas Nash, who wake up one morning with no memory of who they are or their shared history. 

The series, split into three parts, is a blend of mystery, romance, and suspense. 

It follows their journey as they try to piece together their past and understand why they lost their memories, leading to a series of thrilling and unexpected discoveries.

17. Too Late (2016)

This novel is a departure from Hoover’s usual style, offering a darker and more intense romance. It follows Sloan, who is trapped in a relationship with a dangerous and manipulative man, Asa. 

She stays with him to protect her brother, but everything changes when she meets Carter, a new student with secrets of his own. 

The story is a gripping exploration of abusive relationships, love, and the lengths one will go to for family.

18. Heart Bones (2020)

This novel is a touching story about love and resilience. The protagonist, Beyah, a girl from a poverty-stricken background, suffers a great loss and goes to live with her estranged father. 

There, she meets Samson, a young man with a mysterious past. Despite their different backgrounds, they form a deep connection. The novel explores themes of trust, vulnerability, and the healing power of love.

19. Reminders of Him (2022)

This novel is a heart-wrenching story about redemption and second chances. 

It follows Kenna Rowan, who returns to her hometown seeking redemption and a chance to reconnect with her young daughter, four years after being released from prison. 

However, her past makes it difficult for her to rebuild her life. Kenna’s journey of redemption is intertwined with her relationship with Ledger Ward, a local bar owner, who becomes a pivotal part of her quest for forgiveness.

20. It Starts with Us (2022)

This highly anticipated sequel to “It Ends with Us” continues the story of Lily Bloom and Atlas Corrigan. 

While details are not going to be revealed here, you can expect an amalgamation of both their pasts and presents while simultaneously realizing how love and community has the power to heal trauma. 

Do you agree with this list? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

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