Properties of a Premium Baby Product

Instead of being prompted every step of the way, Fastrbooks offers a unique selection of pages with fill-in elements.

This is ideal for those who want to customize as much of the memory book as possible. There are no limitations to these fill-in pages and that’s something you will remember for a long time to come.


There is a certain charm that emanates from these books even before your baby’s memories are added. Whether it’s the engaging themes or the riveting colors, everything has a purpose and that’s what Fastrbooks is all about with its products.

The unique elements are picturesque and just have the ability to engage in seconds.

You will be left sifting through the pages admiring the little details every step of the way. These are the little details that make it a premium-grade option for contemporary users.

Perfect Sizing

The sizing has been done the right way and is appropriate for a modern baby book. It’s easy to go through the different options, look at the unique themes, and pick out the one that speaks to you. Finding a baby book that resonates like these is difficult, but that’s where Fastrbooks comes into play.

Each book offers a strict sense of quality assurance that’s ideal for a memory book.

These books include:

  • 40-50 pages
  • Dimensions: 9″x 9″
  • Templated Pages

Being able to sift through a good number of pages that are well-sized makes a difference. It allows you to fill those pages with beautiful memories that are going to be looked back on fondly.

High-Quality Pages

Imagine sifting through a baby book and just becoming mesmerized by the finishing. This is what happens with one of these baby books in your hands. The attention to detail, texture, and everything in between will leave you impressed.

The pages are immaculately done with a variety of colors and themes making them perfect.

This includes how the pages have been blended into a seamless memory book everyone can use. Just touching these pages will leave you in awe of how well they’ve been crafted. Whether it’s the aesthetics or the physical detailing, everything about these baby books is memorable.

Assortment of Options

Fastrbooks doesn’t restrict your options when selecting a high-value baby book. Instead, it’s possible to sift through several unique designs before pinpointing the one that resonates with your situation. Each theme is special in its own way and that’s what makes the company valuable.

Liz Turler has understood what is required to hold those precious memories in an organized manner. With one of these baby books in your hands, the potential is limitless as to what you can document.

Having the ability to do this is what makes them the finest baby books on the planet right now.

Final Thoughts

If the goal is to find the best baby book on the market, Fastrbooks has to be the first name on your lips. The company continues to set the gold standard for crisp, well-designed baby products that are in tune with modern needs.

Using one of these baby books will bring a smile to your face!

My Experience with Baby first Year

Recording all of your kiddos “firsts” doesn’t have to be hard. For most busy or new moms it’s hard to remember precious milestones and memories…DON’T worry, we’re all in the same boat!

By Mercy Kullah
October 30, 2020
Fab Mom +3

How it all started

When I was first discussing having kids with my spouse, I wanted it ALL. We wanted the picture perfect baby nursery, first baby Christmas, the cutest and funniest baby photos, the best baby EVERYTHING. So we started a search for some great photo book and journal ideas.

I started down the Amazon

I started down the Amazon photo book path, and then I wanted to make something electronic. I tried everything from Pearhead to Artifact Uprising. Nothing was meeting my baby needs. Not to mention I was blowing money left and right. I decided to try my (not so crafty) hand at scrapbooking, and that was a book disaster.

Baby Book of Firsts

As time grew closer to having my baby I gave up. Then the miraculous happened. My infamous Mother In Law gifted us Fastrbooks’ Little book. The sky broke open and I didn’t hate her anymore. Instead, I became elated and the cute little book took a close second to The Bible on my nightstand. After my birth I was determined to fill out every baby “first” and this book just made it so simple and looked way better than all the other books I had. While I greatly cherished this book, I started to slow down near the end of baby year 1 and then I simply misplaced my book when we moved into our first home.

When Elaine Shumacher had her baby I was following her story, which was similar to mine, and I discovered she got the exact same Fastrbooks Baby Book I had. As far as Baby Memory Books are concerned, mine was clearly the best baby books first memory. However, following Elaine’s story reminded me of my now 14 month old and how I need to find MY Little Baby Book. I was not very happy when it took me a couple more months to finally find it (we own a lot of books).

First year milestones

Luckily for me all of those 1st year milestones were recorded, and I now discovered after reminiscing over the past year, that there were yet more pages to continue up to 5 years of recording of my kiddos little firsts! After a quick Google and Amazon search I found that Fastrbooks makes a much larger line of Baby materials than just BOOKS. YAY! They have stickers, pendants, closet dividers, Party boxes, teethers, baby blankets, and I hear they are coming out with more.

I love love love it. My now 5 year old has a very nice keepsake to peruse through on occasion and to discover just how fun it was to see all of their little firsts happen. Love it and I love how it all came together. Thank YOU Fastrbooks.

What to do now?

Do you want the best for your kiddo? There are a lot of copy cat books on the market and they are junk. Made with poor quality paper, and ink. The designs are copied right from other designs. Some are just plain lame. I hope that you at least look at Fastrbooks’ Baby books, they have I think 20 different Baby first memory books now? Pretty incredible. All made in the USA and designed by a Mom and Dad in Arizona.